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MyBergenOnline.com was created in 2010 by Kim, a lady from the Western United States. After living in Bergen for a while, she saw an opportunity to assist the international community living in the area.

In July 2012, the website was taken over by me. I had a great time exploring this town which I already knew while living in Alkmaar but where I really started to enjoy living in after I moved here. And now, I am looking for someone to take over the website.

Interested in continuing to bring life to this website?
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2 Responses to About

  1. Admin says:

    Hi Jill,
    Thanks for your interest. I sent your an email about ten days ago, did you receive it?

  2. jill jansen says:

    I might be interested in working on the site.
    I am an American with kids in The European School

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